You only have everything to gain when you make engagement a priority

Savings Overview

The cost-saving benefits of improving engagement

Fully engaged companies experience astounding results – they increase productivity, stop losing their best people, and have guests who return time and time again.

Increased employee retention
Improved productivity levels
Greater overall profitablity
Data from the Corporate Leadership Council

“Actively disengaged employees are almost twice as likely as engaged employees to seek new jobs.”

Gallup Workforce Study
Gallup Workforce Study, 2017

The Impact

Take your business to the next level

As the modern workforce changes, employers need to keep pace or get left behind. Engagement connects your team and brings higher productivity and profitability that you can see in the numbers right away.

Empower your people to work smarter
Employee engagement results in staff feeling involved and enthusiastic, performing to their full potential, and feeling supported and empowered. Engaged workers are more committed to doing quality work and upholding high standards.
Keep your guests loyal
Engaged employees have a clear understanding of how your business is positioned and the experience you need to deliver. When team members care about and have a strong bond to your property's purpose, it will be directly felt by your guests.
Stop losing your best workers
When your employees are connected to their day-to-day job, their manager, and their property, they stick around longer. They feel empowered to develop professionally, which prevents them from looking for that opportunity elsewhere—and prevent you from having the high cost of replacing them.

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Calculation is based on figures from the 2010 Gallup State of the Global Workspace Study. This accounts for a 240-day workyear, a 131% benefit cost per employee, a 50% reduction in turnover, a 30% reduction in turnover costs, a 15% reduction in onboarding costs and 90 fewer onboarding days. Engaged employees also see a 5% increase in productivity, and are absent 5 fewer days than unengaged employees.

“The behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability.”

Gallup Workforce Study
Gallup Workforce Study, 2017

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